Medium-sized holding company for the German economy

We are a listed participation company that has been successful in the market for years. We invest in medium-sized companies who seek a new ownership structure for a variety of reasons. Besides the classic reasons, such as a lack of corporate succession, financing for new investment/expansion strategies, or improving the equity base, we offer a new home to firms who were not able to develop their potential appropriately in a huge group of companies.

Furthermore, we have many years of experience in the area of restructuring, and a storehouse of expertise in consolidating small units into powerful corporate networks.

For years, we have allowed our shareholders to participate directly in our company's successful track record through appropriate dividends. In the fiscal year 2014/2015, we distributed a total of EUR 11 per share.


At our Annual General Meeting on Juli 7, 2017, the shareholder voted for a dividend of EUR 2,00 per share for financial year 2016. So the dividend yield comes to 5.9 %.

The Annual Report for the Fiscal Year 2016 is now published an ready for download.



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