Vacant trainee positions

Beginning of apprenticeship:
August 1st

Duration of apprenticeship:
3 1/2 years (depending on the performance during the apprenticeship, this could be reduced)

Appropriate completion of 9th or 10th grade, manual dexterity, interest in technology, logical thinking capacity, understanding of complex tasks

Understanding and operating machines and equipment
Machinery and equipment are the backbone of every modern production plant: a company’s productivity and success depend on them. Therefore, it is equally important to have qualified employees who understand this machinery and equipment and know how to operate it. This is the task of the Industrial Mechanic in the specialist area of plant technology. He has an important task in production and carries a great deal of responsibility due to the high value of the machinery in a factory.

Broadly defined apprenticeship
The broad spectrum of the Mehler Group’s specialized production plants is state-of-the-art. This is an important prerequisite for a contemporary, practical and broadly defined training program. The trainee learns to ensure that various machines are always in working condition, or to repair them when need be.

Working life and career opportunities
After the successful completion of the apprenticeship, the Industrial Mechanic can look forward to a diverse range of tasks, such as servicing, maintaining and commissioning machines and equipment at customers’ premises both at home and abroad. Besides the extra-occupational opportunities for further training, such as becoming a master of your trade, the successful completion of an apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic is also a good basis for continuing your studies to become a state-approved technician or to get an engineering degree. The successful completion of an apprenticeship as an Industrial Technology Electrician is an excellent basis for further professional qualifications (as an electronics technologist, for example). It would also be possible to go on to study electrical engineering.

Focus of the apprenticeship:

  • Servicing and maintaining machines and apparatus
  • Building technical systems and machines
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • Replacing and improving damaged parts
  • Basic manual metalworking skills
  • Knowledge of the most important machine tools


Your apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic

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