Vacant trainee positions

Beginning of apprenticeship:
August 1st

Duration of apprenticeship: 
2 Years   

High school certificate, good grades in mathematics, interest in technical developments, mechanical and technical knowledge, motor skills, quick learner

Primary tasks of a machine and equipment operator

  • Positioning machine elements
  • Preparing machines and system elements as well as additional equipment
  • Installing, starting up and operating a machine or system
  • Converting, starting up and operating a machine or system

The machine and equipment operator must plan work processes, tools, determine materials and supplies, perform measurements, use technical documents, control processes, perform quality inspections, and implement measures for safety and health at work, as well as environmental protection.

Versatile education
The Mehler Gruppe companies have a global reputation for high quality fabrics and operate a modern machine park. These are requirements for future-oriented training under the guidance of experienced practitioners. At the same time, prospective machine and equipment operators learn fine-tuning, regular servicing, preventive maintenance, replacement of worn parts, how to perform repairs, and how to assist in the installation of new equipment.  

Focus areas of the education

  • Assigning and managing of materials, operating supplies and consumables
  • Operational and technical communication
  • Planning and preparing workflows
  • Checking
  • Industry-specific manufacturing techniques
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Setup and operation of the production facilities
  • Controlling the flow of material
  • Maintenance and inspection of machinery and facilities
  • Performing quality-assurance measures