Corporate Story

We see ourselves as a holding company that provides a broad range of services for their subsidiaries as a strategic financial holding company. We invest in mid-market companies of various sizes and offer them the financial resources they need for a successful existence in their markets, a competent contact partner who supports them in strategic issues, and a group of companies that facilitates worldwide sales success.

In so doing, we prescribe a strategy in close collaboration with the managing directors, and jointly define middle- and long-term goals. They receive the corporate freedom to implement these goals, but our reporting and risk management system is embedded in the overall steering of the group, so that undesirable developments can be counteracted quickly and efficiently. To guide the strategic business units, we use ­balance-sheet-, income- and liquidity-oriented figures; these particularly include revenue, business results, cash flow from current business activity, tangible assets and working capital. We thus ensure that countermeasures can be introduced early on if deviations arise. We see these control parameters, whose efficiency has been proven in the past, as an essential component of our success.