R & D / Strategic Sales Headquarter East Europe successfully completed

The KAP Surface Technologies team held the annual quarterly meeting of all plant managers, key account managers,
with KAP Surface Technologies management for the inauguration of the ultra-modern premises and equipment
in Stanowice (Wroclaw Region) / Poland. In addition to the modern headquarter of Heiche Poland, a large training
and conference center,  two modern meeting rooms with state-of-the-art, multi-media technology, and associated
infrastructure were unveiled.

In the modern laboratories and technical center, our surface experts can now simulate and develop processes
on a scale of 1:1,000,000, and test their effect on corrosion resistance, haptics, and tribological properties.

“We are proud to be able to work on new technologies and further developments of tomorrow with our modern
laboratory. In close cooperation with leading universities and of course in constant dialogue with all our internal
specialists, I am personally delighted that we are using our new facility and infrastructure, especially in the new
R&D / Sales Headquarters for Eastern Europe, for our valued partners to further and continue strategic education
/ training courses and in-house exhibitions (e.g., how do I design electroplating correctly, advantages and
disadvantages, properties comparison of relevant surfaces). I am happy to report that this new facility has
already been used in large numbers ”,  says segment head CEO Nicolai A. J. Baum.

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Management-Meeting KAP Surface Technologies at Heiche Polen

Evaluation of the financial indicators by Werner Wolf (CFO KAP Surface Technologies), Marten Julius (Chief Financial Officer KAP AG) and Markus Neubert (Senior Controlling KAP Surface Technologies)

Quarterly meeting in the new training rooms

Quarterly meeting in the new training rooms

Nicolai A. J. Baum (CEO KAP Surface Technologies, Alberto Romero (commercial management and authorized signatory Heiche US) and Eckehard Forberich (board member KAP AG) at a joint dinner in Poland

Factory tour at Heiche Poland

Katrin Möckel (Executive Assistant KAP Surface Technologies) and Nicolai A. J. Baum (CEO KAP Surface Technologies) are proud of the expansions in the Poland plant

Factory tour at the Poland location: Piotr Kusmierz (CEO Heiche Poland) explains Eckehard Forberich (Board member KAP AG), Alberto Romero (CFO Heiche US) and Marten Julius (CFO Heiche AG) the advantages of zinc-nickel acid coating using the example of brake calipers from company Brembo.

Aerial view Heiche Poland

Employee doing the daily bath analysis in the new laboratory at Heiche Poland

Employee doing the daily bath analysis in the new laboratory at Heiche Poland

Employees in the new laboratory / research and development center Heiche Poland