Corporate Governance

Whistleblowing System

KAP AG and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “KAP Group”) would like to be judged on our high level of performance and quality in order to strengthen the trust of employees, shareholders and business partners in the KAP Group. Integrity and legally compliant behaviour are therefore of the highest priority at the KAP Group.

KAP AG has concretized and summarized the guidelines for integrity and responsible actions in the Code of Conduct. In addition, KAP AG as a listed German stock corporation follows the guidelines of the German Corporate Governance Codex in Section 4.1.3. regarding the possibility for employees and third parties to submit a report of legal violations on a secured basic.

To protect the integrity of the KAP Group and to avert potential damage to the company, the KAP Group is interested in learning about compliance violations. The KAP Group attaches great importance to an open company culture. It encourages employees and third parties who have become aware of compliance risks to approach points of contact within the company.

In addition, the KAP Group has chosen to supplement the existing communication channels with a standardised whistleblowing system. This is the BKMS® System (Business Keeper Monitoring System), an internet-based application which is available around the clock and enables employees, customers and third parties to report – by name or anonymously – serious compliance violations that could harm or benefit the KAP Group out of ethical responsibility or because of a moral conflict.

The KAP Group wishes to effectively protect you as a whistleblower and hereby offers you a communication platform secured with the newest technologies to permit the submission of reports, even anonymously. You can also actively help in resolution of the case by setting up a secured postbox.

Please follow the link below to get to the whistleblower-system website

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All incoming reports will be processed by the Compliance department of KAP AG under strict confidentiality.

For further information, please follow the link of the BKMS® product film below:

video BKMS® system

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