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Are you looking for the best way to get started in your professional career?    

KAP AG offers you the ideal stepping stone in the form of numerous apprenticeship training options. If you have already decided which apprenticeship training is right for you, you can now get started on your professional career with KAP AG.    

Thanks to our numerous business segments, our company offers you a comprehensive range of entry-level and career development possibilities.    

Our company also contributes to your qualified apprenticeship training through additional in-house instruction and participation in seminars.    

Through your apprenticeship training at our company, you will become familiar with our products and processes, which provides a basis for you to continue your professional career with us. 

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Are you interested in an internship or in completing your dissertation at our company? In that case, you are just the right applicant for KAP AG.



Are you looking to combine theory and practice?    

If so, you can do it at a company with a global presence.    

If you are motivated and want to learn more about your future profession while completing your studies, you can gain practical work experience at the KAP AG companies. You will have the opportunity to see and actively participate in the daily work activities of our skilled workforce. You will thereby get to know a globally active company and solidify your opportunities for launching your career after you have completed your studies.         



Are you preparing your dissertation?     

We can help you.     

Students who are full of ideas and want to learn have the opportunity to prepare their dissertations in conjunction with our development, production and/or sales departments. They will examine current challenges together with you, thereby enabling you to successfully complete your dissertation.