flexible films

We are a leading specialist for extrusion coatings in Europe and we are a market leader in terms of the development and manufacture of membranes, tarpaulin sheets, reinforced swimming pool films and high-end projection screens. Our product portfolio comprises a wide range of solutions for attractive niche applications in the fields of roofing and construction, landscaping, agriculture, packaging and swimming pool linings. Our development of innovative products in the field of extrusion coating is based in particular on our unique and highly specialised technical knowledge and our modern manufacturing conditions. We produce our flexible films using extrusion: plastics and other viscous curable materials designed specifically for the area of application are extruded through a nozzle in a continuous process and applied to a carrier material.

In the construction sector, our underlays and roof-sarking membranes contribute to the thermal insulation of roofs against energy loss or, like our vapour barriers, facade membranes and screed membranes, protect against moisture. We therefore support the sustainable trend of energy-conscious building – both in residential as well as commercial construction. In the fields of landscaping and agriculture, our product portfolio comprises a comprehensive offering of solutions – beginning with our tarpaulin sheets for simple protective covering through to high-tech solutions for shading technology in the construction of greenhouses or sports facilities.

The packaging application area is playing an increasingly important role. For our customers, packaging is an important factor in transport logistics and public image. In close collaboration with our customers, our specialists develop a wide array of packaging solutions for the investment goods and consumer goods industries – from novel packaging materials through to large-roll production of unprinted goods such as protective transport packaging for the automotive and boatbuilding industries. We are the undisputed market leader in high-end projection screens as well as in the speciality area of high-quality fabric-reinforced swimming pool linings and films, which we sell in more than 50 countries.

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engineered products

Our segment is among the worldwide leading manufacturers of technical textiles. Our threads and fabrics are used in a myriad of attractive niches, including in particular the fields of mobility, industry, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, aviation and oil and gas. Some specific application areas include as reinforcement for flexible feed pipes in the oil and gas industry, closures for insulin packaging in the pharmaceuticals industry, reinforcement in premium tyres, conveyor belts and air springs for improved safety in road and rail transport.

As reinforcing support in rubber products, our technical threads and fabrics determine the various functions of the end product and are therefore a significant element in the required characteristic performance in the specific application area. The adhesion of the thread or fabric to the rubber is a sufficient condition for the performance of the end products. Accordingly, technical textiles are indispensable in order to guarantee characteristics such as size changes under operating conditions, burst strength, tensile strength and longitudinal elongation in rubber-based products.

The main products include in particular soft cord, stiff cord, cord fabric, specific threads and fabrics as well as untreated threads and fabrics. Coating or impregnation with various substances requires the utmost in technological know-how to create stable adhesion to the numerous types of rubber mixtures in the respective end products. We are the absolute market leader in the field of conveyor belts and handrails.

Technical textiles have enormous future potential. Thanks to their low weight and innovative manufacturing process, we continuously tap new application areas in which our products replace the previously used materials.

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surface technologies

Our newest segment is the surface technologies segment. In nearly no time at all, we have managed to establish a leading position in the surface technologies market through the acquisition of four small and medium-sized companies that fit together excellently. The segment vividly demonstrates our ability to identify attractive niche markets and to develop a market leader within those markets. Using state-of-the-art equipment and in compliance with high environmental standards, we carry out a wide range of surface processes for a myriad of applications for customers from the end markets of furniture, machinery and electronics as well as food, automotive and electromobility.

We use innovative technical and chemical processes for our customers to meet their requirements in outstanding quality and to enable an increased useful life of the end products. Our focus in particular is on services that provide for long-lasting protection from corrosion and wear, but decorative and aesthetic requirements play a role for our customers as well. Coating is carried out via a comprehensive service offering for various metal surfaces like aluminium, magnesium, zinc die-casting and steel. These services include in particular passivation, anodising and chrome-plating as well as galvanic zinc-plating and the process of cathodic electrodeposition. We are the among the leaders in both passivation as well as the REACH-compliant Chrome III process.

When it comes to our solutions in the field of surface treatment, our customers particularly appreciate the comprehensive expertise of our employees, which enables them to adapt existing processes to new challenges and to develop new processes to production readiness. This ensures that customer-specific process adjustments are possible within a manageable time frame and that we can continuously add to the areas of application for our services. Our locations in Germany as well as abroad provide the same level of quality to our customers across different continents.

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precision components

We are one of the high-tech manufacturers of precision components in Europe. We concentrate on the development and production of highly complex plastic and plastic-metal compound parts. Our plastic gears with extrusion-coated metal shafts are used in electric or electromechanical special drives. With our unique technological know-how acquired over many years, we have a broad spectrum of solutions at our disposal as a manufacturer and supplier, and we also act as a partner for our customers, providing essential impetus for the development of innovative drive solutions. The basis for our strong market position is high quality standards and our modern, fully automatic and flexible production facilities.

We set standards for high-precision gears that are used in a wide range of applications, including in particular the use in electric motors and e-bikes. Our products and solutions are often critical factors within the final product and contribute significantly to an improvement of the cost–benefit ratio, especially with regard to weight reduction.

This is particularly important in light of the increasing number of offerings in the field of electromobility.

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