Our dividend distribution policy is based on an earnings-oriented dividend. We do not want to drop below the dividend from the previous year. Ideally, we want to continuously increase the dividend. We avoid strictly defining a bandwidth measured on net profit. We have consciously opted for more flexibility for our segment strategy and want to give ourselves the opportunity to finance projects through profit retention.

In view of the economic uncertainties in connection with the spread of the coronavirus and the resulting challenges, KAP AG expects a negative impact for revenue, earnings and liquidity. In light of this, the Management Board of KAP AG, together with the Supervisory Board decided to propose to the Annual General Meeting the suspension of the dividend payment for the 2019 financial year. The Annual General Meeting held on September 22, 2020 approved the proposal to suspend the dividend.

Dividend total and dividend per no-par share

 Dividend total

Dividend per 
no-par share


€ 0,0 Mio. 

€ 0,00 


€ 15,5 Mio. 

€ 2,00 


13,2 Mio. 

€ 2,00 


13,2 Mio. 

€ 2,00 


6,6 Mio. 

€ 1,00 


66,2 Mio. 

€ 10,00 


15,8 Mio. 

€ 2,40