Company strategy

Segment strategy

Using our segment strategy, we concentrate on attractive niche markets in the industrial sector. As part of this strategy, we represent these niche markets in the form of segments comprising operating units and brands which are further developed into market leaders under the guidance of segment managers. Currently, in the following four segments – engineered products, flexible films, surface technologies and precision components – we create innovative industrial products and technological solutions for international industrial and commercial enterprises.

Based on modern management methods, we support the segment managers and the operating units in the further development of the segments. The exchange of best-practice approaches, the realisation of synergies and the meaningful central services of the group increase production efficiency, lower costs and lead to greater competitiveness, which in turn leads to greater profitability and to a sustainable value enhancement.

We offer our customers premium technical services. To meet this expectation, we increasingly invest in research and development. In doing so, the focus will be on targeted innovations within – but also the exchange between – the segments. In connection with the comprehensive knowledge our employees have on relevant markets and specific requirements in the individual application areas, we are in perfect position to drive new product developments with attractive market potential from an early stage.

As a specialised industrial holding, KAP AG sees itself as a medium-sized enterprise and a attractive platform for other SMEs. Together with our existing companies in certain niche markets, we offer so-called hidden champions of the small business world the opportunity to achieve a market-leading position that they would not have been able to reach under their own power alone.

Our business model is geared towards sustainable value enhancement. In addition to organic growth in the segments, we also focus selective on targeted acquisitions of medium-sized companies that are looking for a reliable partner, for example in the context of succession planning, and would like to see their company continue to operate successfully in the market.