Mobility at KAP Surface Technologies - soon CO2 neutral - GREEN TECHNOLOGY by KAP

Green Technology is at KAP Surface Technologies and all 10 associated locations
worldwide. Starting from the headquarters of KAP Surface Technologies in Unterheinsdorf
in Saxony, all other locations have now also been converted to e-mobility. The employees
at the Heiche Schwaigern site were delighted with two new "e-filling stations" with a really
special feature: the electricity for the wall boxes is produced by the specially installed
photovoltaic system and stored as required.

Martina Woll, Heiche Schwaigern's commercial manager, proudly reports:
“With our new photovoltaic systems, we supply our wall boxes with real“ green energy ”.
The charging stations are available to our employees, customers and business partners
at any time. During a customer appointment, audits or discussions with suppliers,
it is now possible to fill up with electricity without any problems - true to the motto
“Green Technology by KAP Surface Technologies.”

Every second company car within the group is already an E model. By 2023, 100% of all
company cars are to be converted to electric drives in order to contribute to the  positive
“green footprint” in the automotive supplier industry. At the same time,  we ensure
climate-neutral and healthy mobility for our employees on site and provide eBikes free
of charge via a company lease. These can also be charged at the co2-neutral
charging station during working hours.

KAP Surface Technologies – making the world better.

Marco Hammer, Key Account KAP Surface Technologies inaugurates the new wallbox in Schwaigern

Norbert Schmalzhaf, QMB KAP Surface Technologies with his E-Bike

Stefan Eitel, Key Account Manger KAP Surface Technologies at the "green gas pump"

Heiche Schwaigern photovoltaic system

Heike Werner, authorized signatory at GtOberflächen GmbH, at the KAP Surface Technologies e-filling station, Heinsdorfergrund

Photovoltaic system at Metallveredlung Döbeln GmbH