HEICHE POLSKA honored with the “Polish Intelligent Development Award 2021”

Heiche Polska sp. z o. o. was on the occasion of their successful development of a 100% Chromium
VI and Cadmium free aluminum passivation in several areas with the internationally renowned
development award on September 29th, 2021 in Torun.

The local managing directors Piotr Kusmierz and Mariusz Skrzyniarz and Laboratory manager Eryk Gralak
accepted the award and thanked your innovative research team on site, as well as all partners involved.

This is exactly why we opened our research and development center "EastEurope" at our location in Poland in
2021. The fully automated zinc alloy plating line, which is now going into two-shift series operation, underlines
the efficiency of this highly modern location.

We are very pleased that our development work is supported by the  “Polish Intelligent Development
Award 2021”
was honored. It appreciates the years of work in-house,  as well as ours cooperation with
leading universities. In addition to constant further developments of existing process and thus cost and resource
savings,  a fully  environmentally friendly passivation for light metal was created, which guarantees an excellent
appearance and unprecedented resistance to corrosion. Even the tribological properties of the material are
particularly positively influenced, so that necessary coefficients of friction can even be set individually according
to customer requirements." explains CEO of KAP Surface Technologies Nicolai A. J. Baum.


Mariusz Skrzyniarz (CEO Heiche Polska), Eryk Gralak (Laboratory Manager Heiche Polska) and Piotr Kuśmierz (CEO Heiche Polska) are proud of the award.

Mariusz Skrzyniarz (CEO Heiche Polska) and Eryk Gralak (laboratory manager Heiche Polska) at the award ceremony in Torun / Poland

Laboratory and research team Heiche Polska

Anodizing line at Heiche Polska

new zinc / zinc-nickel rack line in Poland

new zinc / zinc-nickel rack line in Poland

innovative development location Heiche Polska