KAP Surface Technologies on the way to Industry 4.0

Introduction of a group-wide digital quality programme (CAQ)
and complete rollout of a modern ERP system is started

In the course of digitalizing of internal processes, KAP Surface Holding GmbH has decided to implement a
standardised computer-aided quality assurance (CAQ) programme, thus setting another milestone
on the way to Industry 4.0.

The CAQ programme ensures networking with online databases that enable consistent compliance with
standard and documentation requirements at all times. Customer portal connections and automatic information
chains increase transparency for customers, suppliers and employees.
At the same time, the existing ERP system of the HEICHE Group was further developed and rolled out to the
remaining sites. This provides a uniform, high and innovative standard that ensures that resources, such as
purchasing, personnel, plant management and raw materials, can be viewed and controlled uniformly and
centrally. This leads to efficiency gains, not only economically but also in terms of processes.

Likewise, the ERP system enables complete traceability and increases flexibility with regard to customer
requirements for goods labelling. A wide range of codes can be read and mapped.

With the introduction of both systems, interfaces in electronic data processing will be optimised in the future
and processes will be consistently linked. Process components such as the ERP system will be connected to
CAQ in such a way that a far-reaching evaluation of key figures will be possible. This is then evaluated and
graphically displayed via BI (Business Intelligence) systems. In this way, employees can also see the current
status and development of the systems, which also promotes the sense of work and motivation through
appropriate incentive systems.

The essential innovation is the dynamic data highway. It is the basis for the up-to-date evaluations, as it links
all digital systems with each other. This means that every current/spontaneous event in the process is evaluated
and can lead to immediate adjustments in the system. At the same time, the selection of events can be flexibly
adapted to the necessities at any time.

The anti-cyclical investment of KAP Surface Holding in the digital process structure enabled a quick implementation,
so that the advantages of both systems can be fully utilised this year as the economy improves. The primary goal is
speed and economy through maximum internal transparency and the best possible efficiency in all process areas
of the group.

This, coupled with state-of-the-art plant technology and highly motivated employees, offers the best conditions for
the annual double-digit growth in turnover that KAP Surface Technologies is aiming for and for securing our quality
and price leadership in electroplating.

With all these measures and the strategic acquisitions, KAP Surface Technologies remains on the growth path
to becoming Europe's surface coater.


Evaluation of the zinc-nickel rack line at Gt Oberflächen GmbH

System monitoring of the KTL coating line at the Heiche Bavaria site

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impressions CAQ System (source: www.wendweb.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Wendweb/Referenzen/Babtec/wendweb-babtec-website-case-03.jpg)

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Long-term corrosion tests supported by CAQ