Vacant trainee positions

Beginning of apprenticeship:
August 1st

Duration of apprenticeship:
3 years

Lessons at the trade school take place in blocks at the Staatliche Berufsschule für Textilberufe in Münchberg (Bavaria).

Successful completion of at least 9th grade with good scores in math, interest in technical developments, mechanical and technical understanding, manual dexterity, ability to grasp a concept quickly

Weaving specialist
The task of a production mechanic is to manufacture woven fabrics and yarns. He prepares the necessary machines and equipment and is responsible for maintaining them. The numerous types of fabrics make this career very diverse. The production mechanic prepares the production machines for the task on hand. He knows and can operate the mechanical systems and knows which yarns and fabrics need to be used. What looks like a tangle of threads to the layman is actually a precise arrangement which should run without a hitch. This demands technical know-how and finesse. Besides the professional operation of the machinery, the production mechanic (formerly Textile Technician) is responsible for Quality Assessment of the textile ingredients and the documentation of the work processes.

Varied training
With their high-quality fabrics, the companies of the Mehler Group have made a name for themselves worldwide and work with modern machinery. These are good prerequisites for a future-oriented apprenticeship under the guidance of experienced practitioners. Aspiring Production Mechanics learn how to set up the various weaving and pre-loom machinery independently, adjust it as necessary, and perform services and preventive maintenance on a regular basis. This also includes replacing worn parts, making repairs, and helping to install new machinery.

Possibilities for climbing the career ladder
The weaving industry offers extra-occupational further training and opportunities for improvement (e.g., training to become a Textile Industry Master, a state-certified Textile Technician, or a Textile Engineer).

Focus of the apprenticeship:

  • Knowledge of the bonding types and practical uses of different textiles
  • Basic knowledge of mechanics
  • Operating weaving and weaving-preparation machines
  • Monitoring the production process
  • Fixing snapped threads and machine faults
  • Checking product quality


Your apprenticeship as a Production Mechanic Apprentice, Textiles

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