Vacant trainee positions

Beginning of apprenticeship:
August 1st   

Duration of apprenticeship:
3.5 Years

Secondary school or high school diploma, good grades in mathematics, chemistry and physics, scientific understanding, ability to work practically, good comprehension, interest in the use of textile materials and test equipment, interest in analytical work

No textile production without chemistry
Chemistry has great significance within the textile industry. This starts with the production of raw materials and ranges from dyeing, to the "equipment" (finishing) of textiles. The specialists who have mastered the field of chemistry are thus very important in modern production companies: these are known as textile laboratory technicians.    

Challenging area of responsibility
The sphere of activity for textile laboratory technicians is highly diverse. It ranges from the testing of textiles and the control of dyes and materials, to water analysis and processing complaints. Other activities include the creation of test reports and certificates, the monitoring of production processes, the care and control of test and laboratory equipment and the use of procedures and test methods in accordance with applicable standards. The principles of environmental protection, health and safety always have to be taken into account.

Commitment and chances for advancement
After successfully completing your training, there is a good opportunity to take over a qualified job in the areas of application technology and development, for example in the context of advising clients or conducting negotiations with suppliers.

In addition, the possibility exists for further studies for a Bachelor of Engineering, which consists of extra occupational training opportunities in the context of seminars and other training.

Focus areas of the education:

  • Chemical-technical testing
  • Using and preparing technical documentation
  • Identifying fibrous material
  • Conducting textile testing
  • Evaluating measurement results
  • Determining the characteristics of fibers, textile lengths and textile materials